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DC event planningDC event planning can be tricky and hectic, as those who struggle to create a stand-out event all by themselves can testify. The stakes can be high as everything from the venue and the decorations to food and security details swirl around in one’s mind. Losing track of even one detail can spell disaster. That’s why we urge everyone planning an event, whether it’s a high school reunion, a wedding, a holiday party, or a corporate conference, to avoid the headaches and give us a call. As a top DC event planning company, our clients have trusted us with their event visions for over 25 years, and they keep coming back because we deliver spectacular, one-of-a-kind events where every detail is in place time after time. Our hard work, creativity and results have even earned us the coveted post as the exclusive DC event planners for 11 of the region’s elite country clubs, including the Chevy Chase Country Club, the Congressional Country Club and the Bethesda Country Club.

Our great DC event planning reputation stems out of the fact that we do not rest until our clients are ecstatic. Our motto is: “There is no right way to do the wrong thing and there is more than one way to approach any challenge.” We are never satisfied with “good enough” and we are passionate about finding creative, innovative ways to make our clients’ visions come to life beautifully. With our amazing staff of DC event planning experts, we can handle literally any event, even on a small budget. Our services include budget planning, event coordination, venue selection, vendor negotiations, production logistics, event design, security and entertainment. No detail is left to chance, and we stay in constant communication with our clients throughout the process so that we are always on the same page, making sure that every piece of the puzzle comes together seamlessly. We are with you every step of the way, and are there on the day of the event to manage how it all unfolds so you can just enjoy it!

And although we are truly the DC event planning experts, our reputation and services are not restricted to the Washington DC area alone! Aside from the DC area country clubs that have selected us to plan their events, Life University down in Marietta, Georgia has also put us on retainer to manage their event planning needs. A quick glance through our testimonials page tells our story even more vividly. We have successfully managed a myriad of events in places like Texas, New Jersey, California, New York, Florida, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, Virginia and even St. Maarten in the Caribbean. Our tirelessness, attention to detail and creativity (with a lot of help from modern technology and our amazing customer web portal) make these far-flung event successes possible.

So whether you need to plan a wedding, a birthday party, a baby shower, a bakery opening, a software product launch or corporate conference, call us here at The Event Group International: the DC event planning team that can bring your vision to life!

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